BB Deng Berlin street
You can’t talk about Asia’s techno scene without acknowledging this Hong Kong born, Taiwan-bred, Berlin based DJ - BB Deng. With over a decade of experience under her belt, including China's major electronic festivals, club residencies, radio shows as well as numerous gigs and worldwide tours
Music has always played an important role in her life growing up, BB found solace as a teen in 60s to 90s rock records. From her early days as a resident DJ in Taiwan. Years into her residency, she was also hosting the “Women In Rock” radio show. As the passion to play music spilled over as a creative inspiration, BB started playing in Metal and Electro Punk bands and unleashing her inner drive as a lead singer, song writer, keyboard player and Electro beatmaker.
The move to Beijing in 2004 to study Film directing brought along a new playground for this music aficionado. Along with forming an all-female Electro Punk band and continuing to DJ in underground clubs in Beijing and Shanghai, she went on to organise all-female music & arts festival. In 2008 she and fellow Taiwanese DJ @llen took over and opened up their own club - 
The Boat, which played host to live concerts and DJ gigs, movie screenings and LGBTQ events, providing a platform of expression for both local and international artists.
2008 brought a new milestone for BB Deng, she started to organise Techno/House/Electro parties under the name "Disobedience Movement" which reached out a great response in China, soon after she got involved in the first Chinese Techno label "Acupuncture Records" and became one of the organisers for its products - "INTRO" : the first Electronic music festival in China and Club Lantern (Beijing) : China’s top Techno club, which invited numerous high-profile techno DJs flying in from all over the world. In the same year, BB Deng was chosen to play the official Olympics after-party in China, her efforts were awarded with the 2013 Outstanding DJ prize by English media “The Beijinger”. In parallel with playing banging techno to underground clubs, BB’s innate music storytelling attracted the crowds at international launches for brands like Porsche, BMW, Nike, Chloe, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Citroen, Intel, Nokia, making her one of the most sought out DJs for brand events in China.
A purveyor of art in its many forms, she was also the only artist performing at the launch party of the 2013 Beijing Design Week in Amsterdam, soon thereafter followed by a guest speaker and performance at the Netherland’s seminal industry event Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), paving the way for international recognition.
2014 saw BB Deng head off to regular tours in all over China, playing in more than 20 cities a year. In 2015 signed with MSE (Modern Sky Entertainment), the largest artist agency and outdoor music festivals operator in China, as headliner of their electronic events and Strawberry Music Festival series. At the same time, she started to tour regularly on an international scale, playing clubs, festivals, and outdoor parades in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, Poland and Croatia.
BB Deng's Techno set combines with underground mixes of Hard-Drak-Acid-Industrial-EBM sound, which creates a powerful energy to the dance floor. Relentless on 
her path to expand her horizons, BB kicked off her producer efforts, from 2017 started releasing under labels such as Kuukou (Berlin), Reload Black Label (Spain), Black Kat Label (Miami), Set of the day (Switzerland), Elektrotribe, Fehler Musik, Be Sure (Berlin) & ABC boiler Coalition (Italy)...etc. Taking note of her dedication and talent, British music equipment brand "Novation" signed her as their first Taiwanese ambassador, while Chinese press was also singing her praises. She was named one of the top DJs, coming in at no.7 in DJane Mag China and at No.8 in Djane Mag International and was invited to perform in ADE 3 times / released music for ADE samplers.
With this rich history in all areas of music, BB Deng has been carving out her unique path from her Taipei/Hong Kong/Beijing roots to adopted Berlin she now calls home since 2018, she soon was noticed by BBC and received an interview by them. BB Deng continued to perform, release music & frequently mixes for international podcast. also to represent for "Rave the planet" truck (former Love Parade) during the pandemic time in 2020 Demonstration in Berlin in 2021, BB has released her first EP under "Sound of Berlin" (Embassy one), and was interviewed and played her DJ set on FluxFM Germany. In 2022 BB was inviting to perform in America Burning Man as the first Taiwanese DJ in China village, then in the coming year she took a step up and started her own record/event label EGO RIOT. 
學生時期的她愛上搖滾樂,擔任過樂隊主唱與鍵盤及及電子鼓手,BB Deng的DJ生涯開啟於台北的Roxy搖滾系列酒吧,同時擔任台北人人電台的“女人在搖滾”節目主持人。2003年她只身飛到北京, 隨後考入北京電影學院研究所導演專業,課余時間開始在北京的酒吧DJ, 畢業後仍然一邊從事電影工作一邊打碟與參與樂隊,最後她決定選擇音樂為她主要專注的方向,於是在北京更多的酒吧駐場以及主辦派對活動。
2008年在北京她與在台灣被尊崇為電音教父的DJ @llen聯手合開了“船吧The Boat”,一間結合現場樂隊及電子派對的船上酒吧,兩人主辦了過百場的樂隊演出以及電音派對,邀請國內外優秀藝人共同參與,期間她除了負責活動策劃執行,市場公關以外,也繼續在自己的店內駐場播放音樂。
BB Deng最早DJ駐場的音樂類型結合Funk, Old school, New Wave, Indie Dance, Electro Rock, Nu Disco等,90年代末期受到Rave文化的洗禮,到後來她開始專研更純粹的電子音樂-Techno與 House music, 隨後受邀參與許多中國萬人音樂節,如草莓,長城,陰陽,摩登, 樂堡,常陽,張北,湘江,INTRO, North Face, EMidi等等,擔任演出DJ以及音樂節舞台合作主辦方。2012年她加入了中國首個電子音樂廠牌“針刺療法”,並且參與“燈籠俱樂部”的活動執行工作,協助組織更多的專業電音派對,隨後在2013年創辦了自己的派對品牌 Disobedience Movement,並且在INTRO電子音樂節,呈現了屬於自己品牌下的電音舞台。
除了俱樂部以及音樂節以外,BB Deng也經常受邀擔任品牌活動的專屬DJ:如上海/北京國際車展因特爾超級本世界巡展中國站,耐克Nike保時捷奧迪, 賓士 , 寶馬諾基亞,法國酒店集團Accor Hotel; 東風雪鐵龍德國Hahn航空Chloe‘服裝秀VIP after party, IT Neighborhood 北京店開幕;法國時尚品牌Mo. & Co,  比利時Stella啤酒;以及奧運會意大利隊賽後派對等等。
在2013年的北京設計周,BB Deng受到主賓城市荷蘭阿姆斯特丹的邀請,擔任展覽及展後派對的唯一演出DJ, 隨後她受到荷蘭電音經紀AMS的邀請,飛往阿姆斯特丹參加了世界最大的電子音樂盛會Amsterdam Dance event(ADE),  成為了第一個台灣演出女DJ以及座談會嘉賓,也受到荷蘭在線電台的紀錄片拍攝專訪,分享了她成為一名職業DJ的心路歷程,這使得BB Deng的名氣開始受到國際關注。同年她受到英文媒體 The beijinger 讀者投票得獎2013傑出DJ。
2014年, BB Deng 除了繼續舉辦自己的活動以外,也參與“焱”白派對,焱十周年派對,Release 電音派對,樂堡音樂節重慶/銀川,重慶金佛山音樂節,草莓音樂節北京/上海/成都/長春/廈門以及其After party演出,和中國其他城市如成都,昆明,大理,重慶,哈爾濱等等的俱樂部巡演。
2015年BB Deng開始忙碌於音樂制作工作,隨後開始每年的世界巡演,從法國的Verset音樂節,德國的萬人電音花車Zug der Liebe,柏林的多間俱樂部, 到荷蘭的Rave for humanity募款活動及俱樂部, 西班牙巴塞羅那的CityHall與芬蘭,奧地利,克羅地亞等多國巡演。同年,她被英國的電子音樂產品品牌Novation簽下成為中國首位代言人,並且受到英國雜志DJane mag選為中國排名第七女DJ,2016年DJane mag 2017年國際排名第八女DJ。2017 BB Deng的Remix在德國柏林的 Kuukuo records 電音廠牌下首发, 隨後她的第二首替The Yellow heads 混音的單曲在西班牙的Reload Black Label发行。
2018年BB Deng在美國邁阿密的Black Kat廠牌下发行她的首隻原創單曲,並且收錄在荷蘭ADE合輯當中,同年她從北京搬遷柏林,再次在2018的Zug Der Liebe電音花車遊行以及其他多個柏林俱樂部演出,2019 年她在柏林的Techno 廠牌Fehler Musik旗下发行第二首個人原創單曲,並且開始前往東歐波蘭演出 , 期間她受到英國媒體BBC專訪分享身為一名亞洲女音樂人只身搬遷柏林的故事。在柏林,她代表了Rave the planet (前Love parade)在柏林的五十萬人大遊行卡車上中演出,四次在柏林的HÖR直播,同時她也持續在柏林Be Sure, Elektrotribe, 瑞士 Set of the day, 意大利ABC boiler Coalition 等等廠牌发行音樂。2021年BB Deng在柏林的Sound of Berlin 发行了個人首張EP, 同時受邀德國之聲Flux Fm 采訪與演出。2022年,她在柏林成立了自己的第一個唱片廠牌EGO RIOT,並於同年受邀演出於美國Burning Man 火人節,成為台灣第一個參與此國際第一大活動的DJ。2023年她受邀在德國最具代表性之一的Tresor俱樂部演出,並且持續發行個人作品。
BB DENG's tour (Clubs / Events / Festivals) 演出经历(俱乐部/音乐节)
Clubs 俱乐部 :    
(Beijing 北京) White Rabbit, Haze, Lantern, The Boat, Aurora, Fubar, Nanjie, Rec room, Dada, The other top, Migas, The Loop, Ink, Top bar, 2Kolegas, Yugongyishan, Moon bar, Pink Rabbit
(Shanghai 上海) Mansion, Shelter, Dada, The Lune, Celia, Arkham, Elevator
(Chengdu 成都) Tag, HWG, 1602, Magma, Taiga
(Chongqing 重庆) Cici Park, EchoBay, Nuts live house
(Changsha 长沙) Red bar, Resident
(Kunming 昆明) Vervo
(Dali 大理) The Pheonix, DM+B
(Shenzhen 深圳) Bang, Sector, Pepper
(Haerbin 哈尔滨) The Box
(Xiamen 厦门) Fat fat beer horse
(Qingdao 青岛) Unitt Club
(Zhuhai 珠海) 1520 bar
(Dongguan 东莞) Gaster bar
(Tianjin 天津)Round2 club 
(Guangdong 广东)Flow bar
(Nanjing 南京) Mono House
Festivals 音乐节:
(Beijing 北京) INTRO, YinYang, Strawberry music fest, e-Midi, Greatwall run, Release, Shock, Olympics after party 2008, MYTH, G-festival
(Shanghai 上海) Strawberry music fest, e-Midi
(Chengdu 成都) Strawberry music fest, Chunyou
(Chongqing 重庆) Jinfo mountain music festival, Green fest, Nameless
(Changchun 长春) Strawberry music festival, Green fest   
(Changsha 长沙) Xiangjing music festival    
(Inner Mogolia 内蒙古) In music fest, The Graceland music fest
(Xiamen 厦门) Strawberry music fest
(Guizhou 贵州) International mountain music fest, Strawberry music festival
Clubs & events:
Zugder Liebe parade (2016 / 2018), Blockrave openair, Rave the Planet, Slust Openair
Clubs (Berlin) : Tresor, Ritter Butzke, Suicide Club, KitKat Club, About Blank, Golden Gate, Remise, Ava club, Polygon, HRD bar, Mensch Meier, Anomelie, Birgit & Bier, Der Weisse Heise, Duncker club,
House of the weekend, Void club, Velvet Monkey, The Liberate, Maze, Turm club, Charles Bronson (Halle), MAW (Magdeburg)
Clubs & events : (ADE 2013) Suzie Wong, Rave for humanity (Amsterdam), Stalker (Haarlem), Sugar Factory (Amsterdam), (ADE 2018, 2019) California bar, Bar Lune
Clubs (Taipei) : Roxy 1, Roxy 99, Vibe, B-side, B1 Club, Studio 9
Clubs : Verset fest at Le Scorp (Perpignan)
Clubs : City Hall (Barcelona)
Clubs : Bar Uggla (Helsinki)
Clubs : Boogie Jungle Club (Korcula), Cafe' Del mar
H12 hotel
The Wisky Jar bar
Club : Zu club
Clubs : Spiga, Oma Club